Toro Cutter Belt Suits Z Master 60"

Toro Cutter Belt Suits Z Master 60"

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Toro Cutter Belt Suits Z Master 60"

  • Description: Non-Genuine TORO Z Master 60" Cut, Cutter Deck Belt
  • Replaces OEM: TORO 105-8783, 108-4071
  • Deck (inches) 60" cut
  • Deck (mm) 1524 mm cut
  • Deck (cm) 152.4 cm cut
  • Width: (inches) 0.669"
  • Width: (mm) 17 mm
  • Length Inside Circumference: 236.40"
  • Length Inside Circumference: 6004 mm
  • Length Outside Circumference: 239.40"
  • Length Outside Circumference: 6081 mm
  • Belt Position & Size: Cutter Deck Belt (0.669" Wide x 239.40" O.C)
  • Fits: 60" (1524 mm) cut TORO Z Master Z500 (model 74238CP year 2008), Z Master Z528 (models 74238 years 2007 to 2008 and 74238CP years 2007 to 2008), Z558 (model 74272CP year 2008), Z Master Z560 (models 74262 year 2006 and 74262CP year 2008), Z Master Z587L (model 74251 years 2004 to 2006), Z Master Z588E (model 74255 years 2004 to 2005) and Z Master Z557 (model 74246 year 2005) zero turn radius (ZTR) ride-on models as the cutter deck belt.
  • Footnote: Our premium quality belts are manufactured with high-strength Aramid fibre cords for heavy duty applications and severe duty cycles. These belts have a drier cover fabric that is designed to increase flexibility and withstand severe clutching action, bending or twisting, heavy loads and backside idler applications. Oil and heat resistant. Aramid Fibre Cord is the family name of nylons that include Kevlar.
  • Product Line: Belt, blade belt, cutter deck belt, cutter drive belt, deck belt, v-belt
  • STENS: 265-078
  • JAKMAX: B11058783
  • GA SPARES: BEL8437


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